I’ve always wanted a career in media production.

When I was in middle school, I wrote a short film, a horror film. At least, it was as much of a horror film as a 13-year-old could muster. I wrote all of the characters for my friends at the time, and the location was amazing, an old abandoned house by my Grandmother’s place.

That was what the short film was about. A group of friends having a slumber party at Grandma’s house until a spooky spirit decided to crash the place. Deaths and mysteries ensued. I thought it was pretty fantastic.

Of course, it didn’t actually happen. My friends didn’t want to act in the short film, and the house was torn down before I could film anything around it. My script was put into a box in the closet where it now sits in dust.

Throughout high school, I continued to write short little skits. My friends still didn’t want to be in them. Many of them didn’t happen due to lack of actors. The skits that were finished were basically a one woman show with the occasional help of my younger brother.

My creative works included ‘Predators,’ a creative take on garage sales, ‘Muted,’ about an xbox player who loses her voice, and ‘Now’s not the Time,’ a scholarship entry against drunk driving.

Other than the scholarship entry, the other two shorts have since been made private off of the internet at my brother’s request. I refuse to delete them. They are my life’s work after all. I’ll bring them out at parties.

My standout work though is my work with ‘Life in a Day,’ the international documentary produced by Ridley and Tony Scott with the help of Youtube.

I submitted my entry to the contest, and after a short amount of time, I was notified that my clip had been selected to be in the film. I signed the necessary paperwork, and I got my name on the credits of a documentary shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

They really only used a second or two of my footage, but it was entirely worth it. I believe that was the real catapulting moment of my media career, not because it made me famous, but because I was proud of it.

I was so proud of it. I still am. It gave me the drive to push forward and continue to try.


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