Dealing with Rejection

When going into an artistic field, it is practically proven that you will encounter criticism, whether it be constructive criticism or down-right rude criticism. You can’t please everyone. It is what it is.

As for myself, when I make my short films, poems and stories at this point in my life, people’s opinions on them are something that I have to simply take in stride. I take the constructive criticism and just keep trucking on. I can choose to ignore what people say completely too, and that’s pretty great.

Going into a career in mass media, however, which is where I’m headed, it isn’t as simple as ignoring what people have to say. Not all consumers have to like your product or piece of writing, but your client does.

My advertising professor once said “you can be a genius in the morning and an idiot in the afternoon.” This was a nice bit of advice, but I never really understood it until I experienced it myself.

My first big freelance job was creating a promotional video for a company that sells medical equipment. During the first meeting, while talking about how the promotional video could come to be, I nailed it. I sold them on it completely. I assured them that what they wanted could come to life and the company I work with got the job.

I wrote three different scripts to bring the idea to life for our second meeting. During that second meeting, every single one of those scripts was thrown out. In essence, I was a genius in the morning and an idiot in the afternoon.

Luckily, we didn’t lose the job because of this, and I was able to work with the client again to get exactly what they all wanted to see, but that was definitely something that made me feel like a terrible writer.

Sometimes it just ends up like that. The client has a particular vision, and not everyone sees things the same way. That’s why teamwork is necessary. Everyone has to work as a team in order to get the best product out of it, a shared vision so to speak. This isn’t just in an advertising setting, but when making films as well. It’s a team effort with a lot of different levels.

Dealing with the feeling of rejection that comes with the occasional failure is something that a media producer needs to become accustomed to. It’s going to happen. No one is immune. No one does everything right 100 percent of the time.

You just need to be able to take it in stride and not get discouraged. “You can be a genius in the morning and an idiot in the afternoon,” but that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be a genius again.


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