Breaking into Weddings

Just got back from a business meeting with a new client. For the first (possibly second) time, I will be filming a wedding in October! Super exciting stuff.

My only previous experience was with my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. That was an interesting, but difficult task because I was pretty much by myself doing both videography during the ceremony and photography during the reception. My boyfriend would have been helping me, but he was a part of the wedding party.

This should be a lot more relaxing since all of the pressure won’t be placed on me. There will most likely be two other camera operators present, so I’ll have a specific task to complete rather than having to capture absolutely everything myself.

I’m definitely very excited. This is an area of videography that I’ve been trying to get into for a long time, and I’ll finally be able to experience it. There will be some planning in the next few months to make sure we know the locations for optimum camera placement ahead of schedule.


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