Charity Work

Most of my freelance work has been for charities. For the most part, these events go off without a hitch where my help is concerned. This post is going to be about a recent scenario where that did not happen

For the most recent charity event I was doing video for, I showed up to an informational meeting to find out exactly what the coordinator was looking for, and she, as well as another volunteer, tried getting me to do far more than I had been brought in to do. I understand that most of these events are put together by volunteers, but when I’m being asked to do one thing, I don’t want to show up to a meeting and be forced into everything else. It’s not cool.

As the event drew closer, there weren’t really any problems. We brought in another camera operator and we had a plan set up for what we were going to do when the event was happening.

The event itself took a turn for the worse. When we showed up in the morning while everyone was setting up, we stopped by the event coordinator to say hi and let her know we were there. She didn’t recognize us. She even accused us of not being who we said we were. If that’s not uncomfortable, then I don’t know what else to say to describe it.

While at the event, we had volunteers telling us how to do our jobs and telling us what to capture for the sake of the vendors. It was disconcerting because we weren’t at the event to create a video for the vendors or the sponsors. We were there to create a promotional video for use at future events.

In the end, the event coordinator didn’t even understand what we were giving her as a final product. She was expecting an hour long special covering everything, despite the fact that we had said in the beginning that we were creating a 2-3 minute promotional video. That was essentially the icing on the cake for an event that had just been a massive confusion for us.

Overall, I’m not turned off from work with charities, but it’s going to be very important from now on to make sure that everyone is on the same page from the beginning. I probably won’t work with this same event coordinator again.


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