Art and Music

The most fulfilling job that I’ve done so far this year is probably the TK Southbank Art and Music Fest which took place in late May. We edited together an hour long special for the event, and it actually just aired on public access television a couple of days ago.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had one of my projects air on television, but there was a different feeling to this one. It felt like we actually had an audience because it was the first time we were ever able to advertise one of our projects with it’s air time for people to tune in. We know there were people watching, and it was pretty great.

For the project itself, I say it was fulfilling because as far as errors are concerned, we didn’t run into too many. We had a plan to put into action when we got there, and we were able to stick to that pretty well. We caught musicians playing their original music in order to have several sets in the special, and we were able to talk to practically every vendor and artist who was present that day. All in all, I’d say the production was a success.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely perfect either. When can we really say that something went perfectly? If we are to do this event again next year, we’re considering bringing in a third camera operator so that we can split up to cover more ground. There was an area that we didn’t get a chance to film at all, and that’s a bummer. We also need to better realize when we have filmed enough of a particular event.

I found that this year, we spent too much time covering the musician’s who had sets. We filmed their entire set, complete with both original music and covers. When it came down to the editing phase, we only really needed to use two original songs. In the future, if we know that this is all we need, then I feel that we’ll be better able to focus our attention on b-roll shots for the songs we are using, and we’ll be able to move on to other things as well without spending 30-60 minutes stuck in one area.

As I’ve mentioned before, we learn from experience. Overall, it was fun. I hope people who see it can feel the same way.


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