For the last month now, I’ve been trying to put together a short film. I’m talking something less than 5 minutes.. maybe even 3 minutes tops.

The writing is done. The storyboard is done. Is the final product done? No.

Why? You may ask. B-roll. I would answer.

The whole point of the story is to highlight a game that my boyfriend and I play in the car. It explains the rules of the game and then shows the viewer how it is played, and the student far surpasses the skill of the teacher. It’s a pretty simple format, and theoretically shouldn’t take too long to complete, but the b-roll is a killer.

We need shots of the cars that fit the criteria for the game, and you really can’t plan that. If I could plan it, the project would have been done weeks ago. Unfortunately, in order to get the necessary b-roll shots, this requires us to drive around with a camera every night just hoping to catch some cars that would make us win a game of padido.

It’s not going well. It’s not practical to bring an expensive camera in the car every night, nor is it easy to attach a GoPro to the car every night. Sometimes we grab one on our phones if we see it. The project is turning into a bit of a nightmare if I must say so myself.

To be continued.


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