Bioluminescent: The Shoot

This post is a bit overdue, but a couple of days ago, I had my first professional photo shoot. My model was singer/composer Niko Burkhardt, and the purpose of the photos was for her upcoming album Bioluminescent.

Overall, the photo shoot went very well. I had pursued an idea of mine consisting of using flowing fabrics in the colors of the ocean, and I was pleased to see that it worked out just how I planned. The colors looked great on camera and I can’t wait to really delve into editing the pictures to make them look even better.

Unfortunately, as always, the production did have some downsides. Things didn’t go as perfectly as I was hoping they would. On the day of the shoot, I couldn’t fathom where I had placed my tripod, so I had to use a different one which I wasn’t as familiar with. I only took approximately 200 pictures during the shoot when I was looking to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 pictures. Burkhardt and I were having difficulty finding other poses after the photos with the fabrics that seemed just as natural.

Despite the issues, I’m currently working with 50-60 photos which I will edit and present to my client. I’m really happy with how a lot of them turned out, and this shoot has really helped me be more confident in my skills as a photographer.


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