Looking Back at Life in a Day

I remember pretty well how I found out about the Life in a Day project back in 2010. YouTube was promoting it heavily, and I saw who the producers were, and I was just immediately smitten. I knew I wanted to at least enter. I had no idea that I would actually make it into the film.

My original idea was to get a group of my friends together, and just go do something. I wanted to show the young, the future, enjoying life in a day. Unfortunately, all of my friends bailed on me on that day. I have no idea if it was because they knew I would have a video camera with me, and they didn’t want to be on camera or what, but on July 24th, 2010, I was on my own.

I decided to go a more artsy route. I was going through a pretty emotional time during that year, dealing with the loss of a loved one and what not. My video ended up being a sort of melancholic look at growing up, and an overall feeling of loss.

Of course, when creating my short video, I had no idea what the producers of Life in a Day were actually looking for. Honestly, me being selected was just a lucky shot; one of the only lucky shots I’ve ever gotten in my life so far.

I had one particular shot in my video that I thought was interesting. That’s why I chose to edit it into the video. I was wearing black and white polka dots, and I recorded a shot looking down as I walked across the black and white stripes of a cross walk. I liked the mixed patterns. That was really my only reason for including it.

Apparently, there were so many other people who had a similar idea, filming themselves walking, that the producers decided to put a small section of that in the documentary. That’s why my video was selected. It wasn’t really for any artistic reason. My feet are in the documentary for a very short period of time, and that’s about it.

I’m not going to lie though. It’s still really amazing that out of all the people who submitted to the cause, I was chosen. My name is on the credits of the film as an assistant director. That’s awesome.

Tomorrow, I intend on bringing my camera and doing what I didn’t do the first time. I’m just going to film life in a day. Nothing needs to be set up for it to be memorable. That’s not the point at all. One of the people who made it into the documentary said it best: it’s just a normal day … nothing special happened.


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