One thing that a lot of people take for granted in video production is ambient sound. It really makes or breaks a scene.

Most ambient noise in movies is added in during post production. Hard to believe right? Honestly, it’s much simpler that way. The editor can control how loud the ambient noise is so that we can be sure to hear whatever dialogue is being said. The ambient noise is deliberate and won’t distract from the scene itself.

There are a lot of things that will be picked up by microphones that our ears don’t necessarily hear, like air conditioning hums or electronic sounds. These go unnoticed by our ears for a variety of reasons, some of which could be because we are accustomed to the sound or that an individual’s ears can’t pick up the frequency. These noises which go completely over our heads during production can end up messing up dialogue in post. Sound editing is needed to fix these problems.

It’s a good idea to have ambient noises and sound effects in your editing reserve that you can use in your projects. It definitely gives you a lot more control over your work, and it leaves nothing to chance.

One of my favorite moments in sound that I worked with myself was when I had to make it sound like one of my actors punched another actor. Experimenting with how to create that sound was extremely interesting and it’s one of my favorite parts in the finished film. Foley work can actually be pretty fun stuff.


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