Bioluminescent: An Update

The Bioluminescent photo shoot was almost a month ago, so these last few weeks have been a bit of an up and down in terms of progress.

Over 200 photos were taken at the shoot, and in the first week, my time was pretty much spent going through the photos and tossing out the ones that had too much motion blur or the model was caught mid-blink. Once I had accomplished that, I took the time to go through all the workable photos and crop them down to 1×1 dimensions (the same as the album cover and track list that I had previously created).

I sent these cropped versions of the photos to my client, and I let her have time to look at them herself to pick her favorites. This took about a week as well. Also during this time frame, I established out of all of the photos which ones were my favorites. These will be some of the ones I highlight as portfolio pieces in the future.

My client sent me the file names of the 11 pictures that she had narrowed down as her favorites, and this led to another set of edits with more in depth focus. Depending on the photo, a specific effect was added to accentuate the feeling in the picture.

I have been in contact with my client again, and at this point we will be discussing payment and the final order of photos to be used in the album cover booklet.

At this point, the job is nearly finished. The only aspect that has not been completed is the final track listing because I am currently unaware of the order of the tracks and the title of the 8th song on the album. Once I am informed of these details, I will be able to officially finish this project.


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