Need for Speed (2014)

Today, my boyfriend started watching Need for Speed (2014) while I did other things. Before long, I was sitting down watching it with him.

This isn’t to say that it’s the best cinematic event of the year, but it’s definitely a fun time. There’s a lot of cool driving scenes and a revenge plot that keeps you interested, but the rest of the story is not the best.

One thing that I found extremely notable throughout the movie was the cinematography. They did some really interesting things that came straight out of the video game that the movie was based on. You’ve got some first person driver shots, similar to first person shooter, but with no guns. It’s definitely something interesting to see.

I had some problems with a couple of the characters, specifically the guy who is hosting the huge race at the end. I’m not sure of his character name. In fact, the entire “big” race thing was a little weird for me. Now, I’m not an avid fan of the games at all, so I’m not sure if they took this from the source material, but it didn’t sit right for me.

They used this character throughout the entire movie, and it felt really out of place. He’s a guy that has like a podcast thing going almost constantly, and he’s in contact with all of these drivers from all different locations. He handpicks who is going to take part in the race, and he definitely creates a lot of drama. In the end, his race only has six people in it, and it feels like the cops were prepared for it the whole time. The end of the race is even on a dead end peninsula with no escape from the police that have been in pursuit of you through the entire course. It all just felt really off. You’d think if he did this all the time, his course would at least have an escape route for his winner.

That was essentially the biggest plot upset I had with the movie. There were a couple other things, but they were minor compared to that. It’s one of those movies that you really need to go into just looking for a good time.


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