Drive-In Movie

The other day, I had the opportunity to see a double feature at a drive-in movie theater. It was my first time ever having that experience, and it’s definitely an experience that I’m glad I had.

Although I am glad I went to the drive-in theater for once, it’s not a trip that I see myself making again unless the circumstances are right. There were pros and cons for me when it came to using the drive-in venue for my cinema needs.

Pros: Watching the movie in our car really allowed for me to stretch out, kick off my shoes and really just feel like I was at home. It really helped allow me to sit still and watch two movies in a row.

Cons: The surrounding cars turning on around me at random points during the films really took me out of the moment. I understand why they were doing it, but their tail lights blinding me or their headlights making part of the screen unseeable was a massive bummer. It was happening a lot, which made me lose focus on the movie I was watching.

Overall, I prefer the experience gained through a regular cinema venue because I can fully immerse myself in the movie at that moment and enjoy the ride. However, if there is a double (or triple) feature of movies I’ve been wanting to see, I would definitely consider it.


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