Bioluminescent: Almost Complete

I had a meeting with my client Niko Burkhardt today to discuss some of the final matters for the Bioluminescent album design. After having this meeting, it feels like this project is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We started off by looking over the final photos together to decide which ones would make it into the final jewel case design. While I had narrowed down my own list of favorites in the past week or so, I wasn’t sure exactly how many pages she was looking for, and therefore I didn’t know how many photos she was looking at keeping.

In the end, it was decided that 3 of the photos from the shoot will be included in the jewel case. Each photo has the same look to it, so they all look very cohesive. On top of those 3 photos, my design for the album cover will be used as well as 2 custom designs for the CD itself and the second track listing/special thanks/credits location.

This will require a bit more work than I was previously anticipating. The design that I was using for the track listing will become the design on the CD itself. One of the photos will have the track listing written on it, and I will be creating a separate page for the second track listing, special thinks, and credits.

I’m not really worried about this extra work though. I’m really starting to see my design coming together, and it’s really fulfilling to see it that way.

Most of the hard part is already completed, and I’ve been paid for the bulk of the work as of today. I’ve given a disk of the images to my client, and we’ve signed a copyright agreement that allows her to use the photos to promote herself and her album as long as she credits my work. I can use the photos as portfolio pieces for myself in any way that suits my needs as long as I don’t make an additional profit.

It’s been a long project, and it’s nice to see it coming to a close.


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