I helped my boyfriend film his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video today. We made it very over complicated (3 cameras, slow motion, the works). I think he had fun with it. There was even a cop who pulled over to watch him drench himself. He didn’t challenge me, and I’m thankful that he didn’t.

This Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t start out as a fundraiser for ALS. It started out as a dare among athletes. Those who refused to douse themselves with water were made to make a donation to the charity of their challenger’s choice. The dare soon made its way onto news media outlets, and then it was picked up by the ALS association.

The rules originally started out very similar to the dare. You either drench yourself in ice cold water or you donated $100 to research in ALS. Over time, the rules changed to make it where you either donated $100 to ALS or you took the challenge and donated $10.

Either way, the majority of the videos being seen for the ALS ice bucket challenge mention very little about ALS, what ALS is, or where you can go to donate to the cause. A lot of it just seems like people dumping water on their heads for likes and views.

I have pondered for quite some time what I would do if I were challenged. In the beginning, I was alright with donating and dumping water on myself, but as time went on and I saw more videos, my feelings changed. I’m still all for donating, just not so much the bucket of ice water.

I personally see a ton of these videos as wasted water, especially at a time where our West coast is experiencing a pretty terrible draught. The Earth is running out of fresh water, and this is what we’re doing with it. I think I use enough water taking my shower in the morning, and adding another gallon or so is entirely unnecessary.

I can’t blame the ALS Association for jumping on the opportunity of using the ice bucket challenge to their benefit. As I’m writing this, they’ve earned over $40 million. That’s far more than they were able to earn in previous years during the same amount of time. It’s been huge for the cause.

If I am challenged, I am still undecided about what I will do. I may do nothing but donate. I may make more of a PSA about ALS and then donate. I may make a video about donating. The future is not certain.


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