The Den (2013)

Just when I thought that movies centering on fear of strangers on the internet were a thing of the past, this movie flew in from my peripherals. To be completely honest, I quite enjoyed it.

This film is from IFC, so many probably haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about it. The cast is majority unknown, and the concept is an interesting twist between a sort of Hostel theme and Megan is Missing.

The plot centers around our protagonist, Elizabeth, as she is working on her graduate project (I am currently unaware of whether it is a thesis or dissertation or if that is even relevant). She earns a grant for her project to record her interactions with strangers on a webcam site named “The Den”.

This is a horror/thriller film, so you can imagine that her project doesn’t go as smoothly as she would have liked. Before long, Elizabeth witnesses a murder through the site. Then the horrors come for her, as well as her friends and family.

The movie has a really interesting concept. While the internet scare plot isn’t the freshest thing to hit cinema in a while, this is the first film I’ve watched to be completely seen through a computer: I’m talking desktops, login screens, loading, buffering, the works. I was a little worried about it at first, but it really works for this film, especially when hacking is trying to be conveyed.

I had a few problems with the writing of the story. There are just some instances where the information that Elizabeth chooses to reveal to her friends is unbelievably minimal. So many things could have been different if she had revealed some pretty important details. It was pretty irritating to say the least.

Overall, the film is pretty decent. If it ever comes your way, I would suggest giving it a shot. It is a bit gruesome in some areas, but it does fit the nature of the story it is trying to tell. The running time clocks in at just 76 minutes, and it fits the subject matter perfectly.


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