Meeting Max Brooks

I’ve had a couple of close calls of meeting celebrities in my life, but before April 2013, I’d never really met anyone who was a celebrity by national means. By meeting, I don’t mean “seeing” or “staring from a distance,” but actually speaking with them on the same level. The first celebrity I had the chance to meet was Max Brooks, national best selling author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z.

I won’t lie. I was a little giddy at first. He’s a writer, and I want to be a writer. He’s definitely funny, albeit a bit snarky in ways that aren’t always 100% happy joy joy. I’m not complaining though. He’s human after all.

During this time, I was a camera operator for an interview that he was involved in at my college. We had a decent amount of time to chat before the interview started. I remember it pretty clearly. He said my bangs were lovely. He immediately followed that statement with a joke about me not being able to see what I was filming, but yeah. It was great.

Later on that evening, I was one of the camera operators for his presentation in the college auditorium. I got to see it for free. That was great too. I went back stage to have him sign the release form, and he remembered my name. I don’t know why that’s so amazing to me since it was only a couple of hours later, but that was pretty great too.

The presentation was fun. I learned a lot about his thoughts on zombies and the zombie culture in general, which is something I also have a good interest in. I got some insights on his thoughts about the upcoming (at the time) film based on his novel, World War Z. It was a pretty great day, something I’m still pretty proud of.



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