Scrums and Sprints

I had the first class meeting of my senior seminar today. It definitely cleared up a lot of the questions I was having. I think part of the reason I was freaking out about it so much had to do with all of the unfamiliar vocabulary in the syllabus. Scrums, Sprints, Epics, etc.. very overwhelming if you don’t understand what’s going on.

Basically, this first semester of the senior seminar is going to be part one of two full year projects. One of these projects will be done in a group, and we will be consulting with an actual outside agency about their communication. The other project will be done individually, and I will most likely be making a short film.

While these two projects are being done, I’ll have a few mock interviews and presentations, and I’ll be maintaining a log of my progress on my individual project and group project.

That’s where all that vocabulary came in. Scrum is essentially the project management technique that I will be using during the year. The rest of the vocabulary falls into that system. I’ll be using a chart that splits my work into three sections (what needs to be done, what I’m currently working on, and what I’ve completed). As I’m working my way through my project, known as the epic, I will move my stories and tasks through the three sections.

This is where the sprints come in. Since my epic will be split into about 4-5 separate groups, called stories, I’ll set a specific amount of time in which I will work really hard on each individual story. This amount of time is known as the sprint. The trick with the scrum technique is that when the sprint is done, you have to move on. You can’t get too caught up in that particular story. You move on to sprint onto the next story. Of course each story has smaller tasks inside of it that need to be completed. It helps to see how much you’re really getting done.

For my epic, since it will be a short film, I will probably split it into 5 stories (writing, storyboarding, casting, filming, editing). My first semester will be mostly about the pre-production of it all, and my second semester will be the production and post production. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me since my spring semester has far more credit hours scheduled than this semester does.

I’m still not entirely sure on what my short film will be. I’ll have to talk with my specific project advisor about how long it should be and what not, that is if he can answer my questions. He may just leave it up to me to decide.

More updates to come.


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