Spartan Media Organization

Today was the first meeting of my media production seminar, part of my senior seminars. I must say I’m really excited about the opportunities.

Previously, the internship type opportunities at my university were a little limited. For the last two semesters, I had taken a practicum credit toward Spartan Media. During this course, I could do a weekly radio show, a podcast type show, work on a couple of in-house productions, and any other assorted work that would possibly come my way.

During these semesters, I mainly worked on a weekly music show, titled Hallyu with Haley. This started out as a fun opportunity, but it became more difficult once the radio interface changed. I recorded one podcast about the drama department’s production of Trojan Women with guests from the production, and I directed the coverage of that same play (the first time my university had ever filmed a play). I took part in a radio play where I played a student in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and I produced/directed the pilot episode of Live from Dunham, a live performance show.

Unfortunately, these events took place over an entire school year, and it seemed a lot more sparse at the time. I am also sad to say that, at this point in time, it looks like Live from Dunham will no longer be a reality.

This is why I’m very enthusiastic about the new opportunities presented to me through the changed curriculum at my university. I will now be able to really apply for a position where I will maintain a professional presence. As of right now, I’m looking to apply as the cultural production director. I’m confident in my skills for getting the job.

My only concern at this time is for my time availability. With it being my senior year, I’ll already be working on a group CCP as well as an individual senior project. Adding this position on top of that will definitely take up a lot of my time available for my jobs outside of school.

At this time, I won’t let that stop me from applying or accepting the position that I mentioned above. Being a cultural production director for the Spartan Media Organization will help my career far more than my current retail position will. We’ll see how it goes.


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