Marketing Myself

There are a wide variety of ways that I can advertise myself and my services, but at this point in time, not all of them are an option. This is mostly because I don’t have a constant stream of money coming in to put toward advertising costs. It’s the same idea for the company I’m social media manager for.

The easiest way for me personally is Facebook. I’m familiar with it, and I know how to use it. Unfortunately, my posts don’t reach as many people as they could because Facebook employed a “promote your post” option which requires a payment to reach more people. Of the likes on the page, only a percentage of people actually see the posts I make. I’ve seen ways around it. The more people interact with your posts, the more likely it is that it will reach more people, but not everyone interacts with posts. I’ve discussed my problem with understanding what actually causes people to engage previously.

The next option to work with is Twitter. I’m still learning how to properly utilize Twitter for myself. It’s also a learning experience for me on how to put the information I want to say into 140 characters or less. While I do use Twitter to promote myself and have an account for promoting the company I work with, it is still not one of my most prevalent sites.

On top of these two sites, I also utilize YouTube when necessary. I have a Pinterest account, although I don’t know how to use that at all. I’ve considered making an Instagram, but since that’s entirely picture based, I’m not sure how I would be able to use that on a regular basis. I still am considering utilizing these in the future, and keeping up with new sites that come available.

One of my more recent ideas that I’ve been pondering is emails and newsletters. This is slightly more relevant when speaking about the production company I work with. A monthly newsletter and/or emails that include available video packages and promotions would be a way to establish ourselves as a service. Once more income starts coming in, we will start looking into additional advertising.

It’s an ongoing effort, and without me having actually taken classes in marketing, it’s a bit difficult. I’m still learning a lot of these methods, and I will probably have to talk to others who have taken more PR and Entrepreneurship courses in order to get a better idea.


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