A Team of Four

Since this appears to be a week of update blog entries, this will be an update on the upcoming wedding job I’ll be doing in October.

This week, we visited both the church and the reception area to get a better idea of what we were going to be dealing with on the day of the wedding. We really wanted to see how much space we had to work with for our cameras, possible positioning, number of cameras, camera angles, lighting issues, etc.

Several pictures were taken for reference of each location. While the reception area shouldn’t be too much trouble, and we can’t really know too much about what that will fully be like until we talk with the couple or show up on the day, we put more emphasis on our plan for the church ceremony.

Since visiting the church, we have adjusted our original camera plan several times and have even added a fourth person to our crew. The area is quite small, so the manned cameras which will be getting shots of the bride and groom don’t have a lot of room to maneuver through, and to avoid causing a ruckus, they will be pretty hidden. This left one additional person to be on a balcony getting the wide shot of the bride, groom, and person performing the ceremony.

Unfortunately, this plan left a lot of room open that we wouldn’t be covering. Of course, we would have the important parts, but there would be no chance of getting reactions from the family or the aesthetic of the church or really anything that would make our coverage of this memorable event.. memorable. This is why we added a fourth person who is just as excited as we are to be covering the wedding.

Time is ticking closer, and we still have lots to plan. There will be a meeting with the couple in the next two weeks, and there will hopefully be some crew involvement with the planning and such, but we’ll see. There will of course be more updates to come.


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