I Think I’ve Got It

I have been stressing about my senior project for a while now. I know I have mentioned it before.

My issue has mostly been due to the fact that my advisor mentioned I needed to have a “feel good” message in my film. I don’t typically write “feel good” stories, so this is where my problem came from. Anyone who knows my work will know that my stories often don’t have the typical Hollywood happy ending.

For this reason, I was at a loss. I had many ideas, but how would I cater them to the guidelines of this particular project? I talked with Erik from E Leal Productions about my problem, and he definitely helped me reach a solution. It was a pretty simple solution at that.

Don’t let these rules compromise my work as an artist.

At this point, I will be going forward with my ‘Lights’ project. This is a film that I’ve wanted to make for quite some time. It fits with my genre of choice and my writing style. The message my film will convey will work very well as its tagline: Some things are better left unseen.

I will be creating an outline of the plot to pitch to my advisor on Wednesday. I have a back-up plan just in case he absolutely refuses to let me go forward with ‘Lights,’ but I’m hoping it won’t come down to that, so I won’t be writing about that here.

I’m glad to say that I’m excited about this project again.


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