The Hallyu Wave Revisited

Back in 2010, I started up a YouTube channel titled The Hallyu Wave where I would make podcast type videos. Their subject matter would range between K-pop news and music as well as reviews of Korean Dramas (This was a sub-genre on the channel which I titled ‘Drama Addict’).

As the years went on and the rules regarding copyright online got more sophisticated, the amount of videos I made started to dwindle. In 2012, I uploaded my last video.

I never completely deleted the channel. While I have removed 2 years worth of Hallyu Wave episodes (that’s over 500 videos), I still have up the few Drama Addict episodes that I was able to make. One of those videos is a review of the Korean drama ‘Coffee Prince’ and it has over 40,000 views. I consider it one of my accomplishments.

I have always wanted to try to redo my format and start up again. I have also been saying that since early 2013. I just haven’t been able to figure out what kind of format would work. My original idea was unique because it was like a daily radio show. Actually watching it wasn’t necessary. It could be played continuously while multi-tasking. I incorporated news and music together like actually listening to the radio. I caught a lot of people’s attention. It was different than what other people like Eat Your Kimchi and the K-pop Wrap-up were doing.

With the more sophisticated copyright regulations, it will be impossible to keep music in my new format, if I ever do create one, so my original format will be completely tossed. I think that’s part of the reason why I’m having such a hard time creating a new format: letting go of the old.

I also don’t want to have to worry about being 100% camera ready for a show in which I’m on camera presenting the news every day. That was a massive benefit of the previous format. It was all audio, so I could do my voice recording in my PJs.

My passion for the area is still there. I had my radio show ‘Hallyu with Haley’ at my university during the previous school year, and that was always fun. There are a lot of days where I get super nostalgic, and this whole thought process starts coming to me. We’ll see if I ever make a move on it again.


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