Cultural Programming Producer

As of today, I have officially received the position of cultural programming producer for the Spartan Media Organization at my university.

I mentioned previously that I was pretty certain I would get this position, but I didn’t know for sure until I received an email from my professor about it on Monday and the official announcement was made today.

Our culture team is incredibly small. Other than me, there are 4 other people on the team, and we all have leadership roles. This definitely gives a lot of opportunities for there to be too many cooks in the kitchen. I could really sense it today. It felt like some of us were trying to talk over each other too much, that we were all trying to lead the meeting.

We made some pretty good ground in our meeting today though. We discussed the culture segment we would produce for the weekly news program. It has been called ‘Screenplay.’ We established a time for shoots which we would all be available for, and we started talking about what types of content we would discuss in our team.

While I do feel that we got a lot of things done, I still have my concerns. As of right now, my professor is making it seem that although I’m the producer of ‘Screenplay,’ I won’t be deciding what content appears on the show. I’m not comfortable with this. I’m getting steadily more uncomfortable with it as time goes on. I will be addressing this concern at our next meeting. Hopefully it will be cleared up.

Other than that I’m excited to go about this semester in this position. I hope I do well enough to continue with this position in the spring.


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