Meeting Shauna and Chad

As the October 18th wedding date grows closer and closer, E Leal Productions is continuing to set up our battle plan for the day’s celebrations. Part of this preparation was to finally meet the bride and groom.

Before that point, our contact had been the mother of the bride, an old friend from past production classes. It was important for us to meet the bride and groom themselves so that we could get a feel for what the wedding and reception would be like and how to move forward with plans for the eventual edit. We wanted to know what they did want and what they didn’t.

We had so many questions prepared leading up to this meeting that I was personally worried that we would forget to ask some of them. So far, I don’t think we forgot anything, and we even brought some stuff up to them that they hadn’t thought of yet.

It’s a good thing that we had the meeting because it canceled out a few things we were going to do. The couple expressed a distaste for planned interviews, and would prefer any quotes we got from their guests to be completely candid without pulling them aside at all. We also know that they do want us to capture footage from their bus ride to the church, and we know how much effort we’ll need for the bride’s morning preparation.

The couple is really easy-going and the entire day is going to be really energetic and fun. It’ll be a good way for us to start breaking into weddings.


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