31 Days of Reviews: A Haunting at Silver Falls

Moral of this story: Don’t put on jewelry that doesn’t belong to you?

The plot of A Haunting at Silver Falls centers around a newly orphaned teenager, Jordan, who moves to the small town of Silver Falls after the recent death of her father. She begins living with her aunt, the twin sister of her mother who committed suicide when Jordan was 5, and her aunt’s husband. While in Silver Falls, Jordan begins hanging out with Larry, and Larry tells her some generic ghost stories surrounding the town while sitting in the woods at a party. The cops arrive, and this sends the kids scattering throughout the woods. Jordan finds herself alone, and stumbles upon a ring in the moss. Before she knows it, the ring is on her finger, and she starts seeing a water logged ghost everywhere she goes.

The story is a blend of campy horror, and dopey teen love. It’s a bit of an odd combination really. While watching the movie, I couldn’t shake the feeling of it being an amateur film from newer film students. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it was just the subject matter with the main character being in high school.

I definitely have to hand it to this movie for editing and cinematography though. Everything feels really natural, and nothing is jarring unless it’s intentional. I was also a really big fan of the color correction throughout. The warmth in some shots and the lack of warmth in others worked well with the flow of the movie. I never had a problem with a camera shot.

If you do happen to watch this movie, I will warn you that some of the dialogue and certain characters will probably agitate you. I know some of them did for me. There were instances where I was really angry with what I was seeing because it was just so ridiculous (this mostly applies to Jordan’s aunt and uncle and their “parenting” but I guess it makes sense by the end of the movie).

The scares are overall pretty generic. There really wasn’t anything that stuck out to me as being exceptionally good, other than the opening scene. Being chased by an unseen killer in the woods at night is almost always a safe bet for having some high amounts of tension. I might have changed the arrangement a bit of the opening scene, the title and the 20 years later script if it were me doing the editing, but that’s a minor complaint.

There is something that I will say was consistently freaking me out throughout the movie, and it concerns the ring on Jordan’s finger. I have a personal phobia of rings being stuck on my finger, and since that was a massive part of the storyline, I saw it a lot in this movie. There are several scenes where people are trying very hard to remove the ring from her finger, and that didn’t really help my phobia at all. At one point, the ghost who the ring belongs to is sitting on the bed, pulling at Jordan’s finger while she’s sleeping in order to try to remove the ring. I was freaking out more about her finger possibly getting dislocated than the ghost’s presence itself.

Out of all of the movies I’ve reviewed in this 31 Days of Reviews project so far, this is probably the least memorable. It’s not a bad movie. It just doesn’t stick with you, or at least me. It is on Netflix if you would like to give it a try, but I would probably recommend one of the other movies I’ve reviewed over this one.


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