31 Days of Reviews: The Collection

This movie is a sequel. I wasn’t aware of that while watching it. I found that out afterward. You don’t have to know the story of the first movie in order to understand The Collection, and that’s a very good thing.

The Collection centers around the heinous acts of a serial killer who specializes in mass killings while keeping one of the victims for his own sadistic pleasure. The audience starts the story out with a young woman who goes to a club with her friend. While at the club, the Collector sets off a brutal trap of sorts, killing everyone except for the young woman who he throws in a trunk and takes back to his lair. At the same time that the young woman, Elena,  is being captured, one of the Collector’s previous hostages, Arkin, escapes. The movie then follows Arkin and a group of hired security as they attempt to break into the Collector’s lair and rescue Elena.

Right off the bat, I noticed a lot of similarities to the Saw franchise. You have the Collector who brings people back into his hideout which is basically a maze filled with traps set in a hotel. When Arkin and the security detail enter this lair, if the Collector doesn’t kill them, the traps will. Even the idea of the hired security going in to rescue Elena reminded me of one of the Saw sequels, can’t remember which though.

There are differences between the Collector and Jig Saw from Saw, so it’s not a carbon copy. I just noticed similarities. The whole idea of the Collector keeping people to use as his dolls is quite creepy. He will also mutilate and kill anyone who he doesn’t deem worthy of his collection (*ding ding* title drop).

The Collection is definitely a gory movie, more so than what I prefer. I’m more of a fan of paranormal movies personally. I found myself having to get out of the chair and watch this movie from a distance and at an angle on a couple of occasions. If you’re a fan of the “torture porn” genre, then you might get a good kick out of this movie.

There was one part that I really didn’t understand or feel was really necessary, but this could be from me not having seen the first movie. On one of the levels of the Collector’s lair, there is a horde of people completely hyped out on drugs to the point that they’re behaving like zombies. One of the characters even asks if they’re zombies. It almost felt like a hodgepodge mash-up of genres just for the sake of it.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the gory movies, then you might like this one. There’s some pretty badass stuff in it, and the plot isn’t too bad. If you’re squeamish, you might want to pass on this one or at least do what I did where I left the room for some of the bigger stuff. The scene in the club at the beginning is probably one of the worst parts in terms of mass gore. Everything else is easier to take.


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