31 Days of Reviews: Antisocial (2013)

Imagine 28 Days Later in a more contemporary setting, with lots of technology and a different message. This is Antisocial.

This movie follows a group of friends at a new years eve party while a plague of sorts ravages the streets outside. The plague causes people to become incredibly violent after bleeding from the nose and ears and experiencing hallucinations. The party barricades itself indoors, but before they know it, the illness enters their inner circle.

One of the biggest parts of this movie is its use of The Social Red Room, sort of a play on Facebook and the constant connectivity on the internet. Every character is on this site at at least one point in the movie. They even use the interface of this website to do character introductions. These introductions are pretty interesting at first, but since they use it for every character (there are 6), it gets old.

My main problem in the movie was with the main character. I didn’t understand her. I didn’t connect with her. The biggest factor about her is that she’s pregnant, which is a fact that played absolutely no part in the overall plot of the movie, so I’m not even sure why they brought it up. They imply at first that she’s pregnant because of her ex, but then as the movie goes on, it’s almost like they’re implying that she’s pregnant by her friend, and it’s just a confusion because like I said, it has no real point in the movie.

The overall feel of this movie is one of a college film. That’s not a negative by any means. It is still a very interesting concept. It’s just that the look and feel of the movie is very modern. It’s one of the interesting parts of Antisocial.

There is quite a bit of slow motion used in the movie. It looks cool, but it’s a lot of flash. There’s a decent amount of movie in which it’s all music and slow motion with no dialogue. The introduction to the movie was pretty cool, and I liked how they returned to the characters in the introduction several times throughout the movie.

There are quite a few things in this movie that I feel borrow from other films in the zombie/infection genre. There is a scene where someone is pulled out of a window from behind which resembles a scene in Shaun of the Dead. The idea of the infected is similar to that of 28 Days Later with a few slight differences such as end result of infection and onset of infection. There are several others, but since I didn’t make note of them as the movie was progressing, I can’t remember them in retrospect. There is enough originality in the movie that the similarities are more like homages than exact copies.

Some of the acting is sub-par, and this makes some of the scenes a little awkward. Overall there weren’t too many instances of this, but it became more obvious for me in the end of the film.┬áThe end of the movie is cringeworthy in a way that since I’m not a huge fan of gore, I cringed. I have to give props to the character though. I don’t know if I would have been able to do the same thing.

Overall, Antisocial is interesting, but not always in a good way. I’ve noticed quite a few times in my reviews that the movies I’m watching are trying to take on a bit more than what they should. The movie is interesting, but I wouldn’t outright recommend it as a must watch.

Below the asterisks will be spoilers for the movie, but I want to address a problem that I had.


In the end of the movie, the main character survives the night in which all of the infected individuals hemorrhaged and are no longer a threat. I feel like the movie could have ended on that note. The main character thinks she is alone in the world. She has no way of knowing if anyone survived, and I think that’s truly terrifying.

Instead, like I said, I feel like the movie took on a bit more than it should have by going full swing into the zombie angle by bringing all of the dead infected back to life as literal zombies now. They don’t even go anywhere with it. It feels like it’s just there to give that last badass shot of the surviving woman with an axe in the middle of a horde of the undead which they use for the promo poster.


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