31 Days of Reviews: Contracted

I was really looking forward to this one. It had been on a list of movies for me to watch and everything. I had it in my queue and everything. I might have had my hopes set too high.

Contracted follows a young woman who gets seriously ill after a one night stand. After a while of avoiding the idea that something is wrong (much to my frustration), she visits a doctor who gives her the initial diagnosis of a head cold (what the f…) and she thinks it may be an STD (getting warmer). Despite being so seriously sick, she continues on with her daily activities, and her illness progresses to deadly proportions.

This movie really frustrated me. I mean, it REALLY frustrated me. The main character doesn’t ever admit that there is something seriously wrong until the very end of the movie. For the most part, she continues on with her daily life, despite the gruesome symptoms, saying, “oh I’m fine” “no seriously I’m fine” when she is completely, utterly, not even remotely fine.

What’s even more frustrating is that no one else seems to notice. Even when they do notice, their reactions are severely mild compared to what they should be. Let me give you a rundown. Our main character’s symptoms include: profuse bleeding from the vagina, dark veins and shedding skin across her body which look decayed, completely bloodshot eyes which become glazed over as if she has glaucoma, teeth decaying and falling out, hair falling out, finger nails decaying and falling off, severe internal pain and hemorrhaging.. all in the course of 3 days. But of course, she’s fine! She can definitely come into work and serve food to people!

Let’s just say the message I got from the movie was pretty clear: Safe sex, people!

Other than the frustrating aspect of no one seeming to notice the severity of the main character’s problem, the story really starts to decline as it comes to a close. I would have preferred that the annoying passivity continued until the end result. Instead, the audience gets a main character who completely flies off the handle as her life starts to fall apart (because you know.. her dying of this mystery illness was nothing as long as she got into that flower competition!) For me personally, it felt like her manic actions at the end of the movie came from out of nowhere, and I couldn’t understand why she would do the things she was doing.

Looking at the movie objectively, the camera work was pretty good. There was a mix of artistic shots and basic shots, and I never really had a problem with it. The make up was fabulous. It really grossed me out. I had to look away from the screen a lot. Those eyes.. were very creepy and gross. Good job.

The beginning of the movie has some really awkward sound. The main character is at a party, and there is background music, but as a viewer, it doesn’t sound like the music is part of the party rather than it being music added in during post. I think they were trying to go for the effect of it being played at the party, but it didn’t go over well at all. The dialogue during the party is a bit awkward as well.

Contracted has an ending that is creative. I did like the idea behind the ending. I figured that was where the film was going from pretty early on, but I just wish it would have been executed differently. If I toss aside my negative feelings toward the second act of the movie, I really do like the ending.

Overall, this movie has a one star rating on Netflix. I thought it was because I heard it was pretty gross, and while it is gross, I can see a lot of other reasons why it is rated so low. I would recommend it for the ending alone because the whole idea of it is pretty great. You just need to prepare yourself for a ton of frustration throughout the entire movie.


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