31 Days of Reviews: Elevator

Think.. Devil without the mystery or religious undertones.

Elevator is pretty self explanatory. We have a rather large group of people stuck in an elevator with a bomb that is primed to explode. The poster for it on Netflix made it look more like a horror movie, but it’s definitely more of a thriller.

This movie started out with a really great intro! I haven’t seen one of these in a while. Very artistic. Good typography. Very compelling. It definitely gives you a hint about the plot of the movie before it gets into anything.

Going forward into the movie, I had no issues with camera work. Pretty much the entire movie takes place in an elevator, so the shots help to give that claustrophobic feeling. I had no genuine problems with the edits.

The characters.. Oh goodness. People are scary. People are terrible. When you get stuck in an elevator with people, you really start to see that. We’ve got a bratty little kid, a jerk comedian, a rich CEO, a news reporter and her fiancé, a pregnant woman, an employee of the company, a disgruntled investor and a security guard. They inevitably start to butt heads as the tension builds.

That bratty kid though.. I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy for children in movies like the majority of people do. Her presence was definitely added to the movie in order to really drive home the injustice of the possibility of this bomb going off, but I feel like it could have been done just with the pregnant woman. This child is obscenely bratty. It’s impossible to argue against the fact that she sets the plot in motion through her bratty actions, only to continue to make bratty comments about the situation she put everyone in. I found her character annoying and unnecessary.

The other character who was annoying me was the jerk comedian. He takes a full range of character development throughout the film, but it’s just his personality that grinds my gears. It’s a personality that bothers me when I see it on a day to day basis, so that’s really nothing new. He makes racial jokes, fat jokes, etc. It’s just not pleasant. I would go as far as to say that his character does change for the better through his experience, but he still is the same person.

As for the story itself, there was some good things, some bad things, and some unnecessary things.

For good things, in general, I liked the portrayal of the women in this movie. Other than the comment that the pregnant woman makes about being “the only one with balls” to do something, and the backlash toward the elderly woman about her bomb threat, I didn’t see anything too problematic. What I really liked was when it was revealed that the pregnant woman had an affair with the news reporter’s fiancé, and the two women didn’t fight each other over the guy. She had her conflict with her fiancé because that’s who it concerned.

I always get in a hissy when the media portrays the stereotypical cat fight that ensues after a woman finds out her significant other was cheating on her while the guy gets off free. It takes two to tango!

This is where I’m going to go into a lot of detail, so if you want to avoid spoilers for this movie, follow the procedure and skip what’s in the asterisks.


The unnecessary scene comes when the people in the elevator think they have no time and the only possible way of surviving is to cut this elderly woman in half and throw the part of her with the bomb down the elevator shaft. It takes a large chunk of time up, and I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if they had actually followed through with it, but they didn’t.

As the people in the elevator are getting close to succeeding in their gruesome task, the bomb squad shows up and starts to pull them out of the elevator. They drop the woman’s body and think nothing of it. Honestly, I may have been more satisfied if they had followed through and dropped the bomb down the shaft. If that had happened, I might not have been left with this next bit.

The BAD part of the story is the fat discrimination. I had a pretty big problem with it. As sad as it is, I’m used to the discrimination that the fat character gets throughout most of the movie.

Oh you ate something and you got some of it on your face. Oh the little girl is hungry? I’m the only one who has food on my person because you know I’m always eating all the time. Oh you feel claustrophobic because you’re in a crowded elevator with the fat guy behind you. Oh everyone landed on top of each other when the elevator fell, but because the fat guy landed on that one guy he’s going to be the only person injured. You know: Stuff like that.

What really aggravates me though is how the movie ended with this massive slap in the face to this fat character who has been nothing but a good person. When the bomb squad starts pulling people out, they do so through a tiny square because the elevator didn’t stop completely on a floor. The trapped person on the elevator who is fat gets left behind! Oh the bomb is going to explode any minute, but just leave him! We’ll get him at the basement.

The doors shut, leaving this man alone with a bomb after he’s helped lift everyone out the door. He says to himself, “I guess I’m the hero” and the elevator starts to descend to the basement, however much lower that is. Too bad it doesn’t make it there because you know there was a bomb that was about to explode. To put salt in the wound, none of the characters seem to care that he didn’t make it. The comedian does briefly as he realizes that they aren’t pulling the character out, but in the end, no one bats an eyelash.

It just really aggravated me. I wasn’t a fan of the racial discrimination either, but in the case of that, there were two people of color who at least made attempts to stand up for each other. The racial discrimination wasn’t approved of in that subtle cinematic way like the fat discrimination was.


Overall, Elevator is alright. There’s really not too much originality to it. You don’t have to try to guess who has the bomb because it’s told to you right away. It’s not really worth more than one watch. It is relatively short, and it is available on Netflix if you want to give it a try!


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