31 Days of Reviews: The Caller

One of my friends has been recommending this movie to me for ages, but I never got around to watching it. I saw it on Netflix, so I knew.. It was time.

The Caller is about Mary, going through a divorce, who moves into a new apartment only to start getting calls from a mysterious woman who claims to be from the past. When their communication starts to become to much for her, Mary tries to disconnect which results in a very angry person who has the ability to alter the present with the details she knows.

This movie has kind of a slow burn, but it’s nice. It starts out pretty slow, introducing the audience to the main character and the dilemma that she finds herself in. The dilemma itself is pretty terrifying in a practical sense. Her ex really can’t take no for an answer. He comes over to drop off divorce papers and what she gets is a wedding photo with “Til death do us part” scribbled on the back. Sometimes men are scary.

Just as I thought that would be the scariest part though, we get introduced to the actual horror or the movie: the caller. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t start out that way at first. It just seems like a secondary version of The Lake House, but with two women who just want to be gal pals through the ages. Then it gets twisted.

In the beginning, it’s really hard for me to decipher which threat is more scary honestly. In the end though, it’s pretty obvious that the annoying ex is literally nothing but an annoyance compared to the horror from the past.

The voice of Rose sound very familiar. I looked up the actress, and I know her from Drag Me to Hell, but I don’t think thats where I recognize the voice. Maybe she just has one of those voices. Either way it’s warm, but menacing at the same time. Very scary.

Also, Rachelle Lefevre is pretty great. I didn’t really know just how great until I watched this movie. It’s refreshing, and her hair is glorious.

The move is very stylized. A lot of the shots are very dark, in literal terms. The dark shots come in when the shots are indoors or at night, but mainly when in the main apartment. I feel like it was distracting because I was straining my eyes to see. Does this woman ever turn on the lights in her house? There are also a lot of tracking shots that give a voyeuristic look to the film which is pretty cool. In general I really liked the cinematography and editing. It was pretty nice. I might borrow little hints of it in future works of my own.

The Caller is a psychological thriller, and it’s pretty screwed up. I would definitely recommend it. I’m glad I got around to watching it. As mentioned previously, it is on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.


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