31 Days of Reviews: Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

I’m running a little low on time with my reviews, so these next couple aren’t going to be movies. Instead, I’m going to write them on some horror themed television shows I’ve been watching.

This review will center around what we’ve seen in season 2 of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow so far.

The premiere of season 2 started off really weird for me. The finale of season 1 ended in a really dramatic way. Mills was trapped in purgatory. Crane was buried alive. Katrina was kidnapped by the horsemen. I couldn’t wait for the next season to start so I could see just how they were going to get out of their predicaments.

When season 2 started, I was completely thrown for a loop because everything was fine. It was a month after the events had transpired, and they had managed to escape. They never explained how. I was baffled. I was upset. Were they really going to just back pedal away from everything they had started?

The show continued on that way for a good 15 minutes, until finally it was revealed that this was not the reality, but a trick of the horsemen of war. This took us back to the present where we followed Crane as he escaped from his grave Kill Bill style. The rest of the episode followed him as he tried to find a way to rescue Mills from purgatory, and when they succeeded, the episode was essentially over.

Even though they eventually answered all of my questions, I still felt cheated by those beginning 15 minutes. It didn’t help that we saw how Katrina was doing, and we continued on with Irving’s story. It left a weird feeling for me.

The rest of the season so far has felt similarly weird for me. A lot of it feels like filler episodes, which is not what I was used to in season 1. It feels different to me. As of right now, I think it’s because of Katrina being out of purgatory, and also this new police captain who is taking us right back to when the situation wasn’t known (except this time it almost doesn’t seem like that will be changing).

I still see myself watching it every week, but as of right now, it’s definitely not reaching the same quality for me that I found in season 1. I’m hoping as the season goes on, it will pick up a bit more. I’m still hopeful.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 8 PM CST on Fox, right after Gotham.


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