31 Days of Reviews: The Taking of Deborah Logan

This is my last review of the month, so I wanted it to be a movie that I felt was really good.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a found footage film, described as a partially edited documentary on Alzheimer’s for a PhD thesis. The film centers around the titular character Deborah Logan who finds herself in dire straits due to her early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and the financial problems of her family. Her daughter, Sarah, responds to a student, Mia, about making a documentary on Deborah’s life in order to receive the grant money to help with these financial problems. As the cameras start to roll, Deborah’s symptoms progress and distort themselves, resulting in the terror of the film.

When the movie first started, and it said it was a partially edited documentary, my initial thought was oh no.. I’ve seen so many found footage films during my 31 Days of Reviews, and just recently in general. This film felt more like Blair Witch than Paranormal Activity though, even with some of its Paranormal Activity elements. The fact that it was people setting out to make a documentary definitely helped because most of the shots felt like they had a purpose. In found footage films where it’s really just a person who decides to video tape everything, the camera work and shot choice can be pretty painful to watch. I didn’t feel like that was the case for The Taking of Deborah Logan.

Throughout the movie, I was honestly terrified. I can safely say that I will be adding cute elderly ladies to my list of things not to mess with in horror movies, right next to children and dolls. The actress who plays the title character, Deborah Logan, is pretty phenomenal. She accurately portrays the struggles of living with Alzheimer’s and can still give off the super creepy vibe necessary for the really scary parts of the movie. She’s really great.

One thing that I really liked about this film is that in a round-about way, it was realistic. I don’t mean in the sense of the supernatural occurrences going on. I mean when stuff starts going down, you actually get characters who are like screw this I’m out of here and then drive off into the safety of many many many miles away.

Believe me, I would have been in that car too.

The ending of the film, in the old mine area, is really memorable. Everything starts coming to a head (no pun intended). No, but seriously there is this really creepy, sick and twisted, awesome part where Deborah Logan takes on snake like qualities. It’s definitely memorable.

Overall, this is definitely a movie that I would recommend. I really enjoyed it, and I know the person I was watching it with enjoyed it too. The Taking of Deborah Logan is available for streaming on Netflix.


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