Farewell to October 2014

October was definitely a long month. It’s my favorite month of the year, but it’s a long one nonetheless.

One of the biggest things I did this October was my 31 Days of Reviews. Let me tell you.. That was an undertaking. I would have never thought that watching a movie every day would be such hard work, but it really was. There were many days where I got so overwhelmed by everything that I had to do that watching a movie just seemed like a burden. That’s not even including writing up something about it afterward.

I won’t lie about it. I definitely cheated throughout the month. The most obvious way I did this was by blogging about Television shows instead of movies. It was easy. I didn’t have to watch something that day if I had watched an episode of a show a couple of days ago. I did this with American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow. There are actually 2 posts about American Horror Story. That’s how desperate I was.

The more subtle way I cheated was by editing the dates of which my posts were published. I would be days behind, but then I’d post a burst of reviews and edit the dates to make it look like I’d been keeping up with it. Once I figured out I could do that, it was harder for me to keep on track.

Now that the 31 days are over, I must admit that I’m a little burnt out on reviews. There’s a good chance I won’t do one for a while, but there’s also a good chance that I will. Will I take on a challenge to do one every day? Probably not. Once a week seems like a more viable option.

Over the course of the 31 days, a lot of good things happened too. For one, I am much more likely to watch movies I’ve never heard of on Netflix. You never know what gems you’ll stumble across. On top of that, during my month of reviews, I had contact with writers, directors and producers of some of the films I was reviewing. That was pretty cool. It was a little intimidating, and sometimes I felt a little guilty when it was a not so positive review, but it was still really cool.

I’m definitely relieved that it’s over though. I have a lot of other things on my plate right now that will require my complete attention.

Also in October, I worked with E Leal Productions to film a wedding. It was my first one, and it was a blast. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post. On top of that, more things happened with ScreenPlay, and I made some headway toward my senior film project, Lights. All of this, plus anything else I can think of, will be talked about in separate posts.


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