ScreenPlay Season 1

Yesterday, we filmed the season finale of ScreenPlay. In light of this, I figured I would take a look back at this season, and share its ups and downs (as well as provide a nice place where all the episodes can be conveniently seen).

ScreenPlay episode 1

Our first episode of ScreenPlay was less of an episode and more of a segment. The original goal for ScreenPlay was for it to be a 5-6 minute segment to be inserted somewhere in the already established news show AU in View. As a team, we knew from the beginning that this wasn’t what we wanted, and seeing it happen definitely solidified that belief.

First episode reviews included the video game Destiny and The 1975.

ScreenPlay episode 2

Moving forward, we strived to make ScreenPlay a full length show of its own. We filmed every Friday at 4:00 in the television studio, and this had the potential to create problems. Fridays were always the day that would be cut in favor of convocation days and fall weekends, so we had to get creative when one week, convocation day and fall weekend happened consecutively.

During the convocation day on October 10th, we filmed two episodes to air at different days. We had to make up for fall weekend, where the college would be closed at our normal shoot time. In order to not increase the work of our editors, I jumped in to do a review of Annabelle, a film that I had reviewed for my 31 Days of Reviews. Although they were filmed simultaneously, this episode was deemed episode 2 in order to create some variety between episode 1 and episode 3.

Second episode reviews include my review of Annabelle and our host’s review of the final season of Parenthood.

ScreenPlay episode 3

Filmed on the same day as episode 2, we made sure that episode 3 was released a week later. There’s not too much more to say about episode 3 which hasn’t already been said in the description of episode 2.

Episode 3 reviews include the single Go by Grimes featuring Blood Diamonds and Super Smash Bros for the 3DS.

ScreenPlay episode 4

In episode 4, we encountered some communication problems. One of the problems that plagued our team throughout the semester was communication. In the case of this episode, the most jarring of the results of this problem was our lack of a host. He had asked our editor about whether there was going to be a shoot or not, and since she didn’t know at the time, he made other plans. Of course there was going to be a shoot, but as the producer of the show, I was never consulted.

In order to keep the shoot going, I stepped in as host, and let me tell you, that’s a really difficult job. I was having a hard time interviewing, coming up with questions and such. It felt like I was reaching, stretching, pulling teeth for answers. Not to mention, it felt like one of my guests was constantly judging my efforts. The episode didn’t turn out too awfully, but it’s definitely not my favorite of the season.

Episode 4 reviews include the 1984 film Johnny Dangerously and the band Echosmith.

ScreenPlay episode 5

More communication problems cropped up during episode 5, this time concerning one of our reviewers. In order for me to do the prep work involved in the show, I need to know the topic of what the reviewers will be talking about. For this episode, I didn’t get that for one of our reviewers. After talking with her, I found out that she had told our editor her topic, but that information didn’t trickle down to me in time. Our editor was working under the impression that she needed the full review before telling me what would be reviewed.

Unfortunately, the prep work was done with this missing review, so our host had to step in and review something himself. I’m extremely grateful that he was prepared to do so, but this episode definitely let me know that the host vs one reviewer scenario would only work if the reviewer was equally as good at asking questions. This episode is one of the worst episodes because that wasn’t the case. The host ends up presenting his review to an audience of everyone in a way that feels awkward compared to previous episodes.

Through this episode, it was established that reviewers would tell me their topics separately from their conversations with our editor so I would have the information I needed. We also discovered that having the host deliver a review is a scenario that should be avoided as much as possible.

Episode 5 reviews include the film X-Men: Days of Future Past and the television mini-series Gracepoint.

ScreenPlay episode 6

This episode ran relatively smoothly compared to the previous episode. The team was doing a really good job at responding to communications and everything flowed really well. This was one of the first weeks where I was done with prep work at a time that I felt was really good. I wasn’t stressing out about having things to our director at midnight the day before the shoot.

There is a one minute package from the Spartan Media launch party included in the episode. By including this to separate the reviews from the last thoughts section, I learned that adding packages definitely makes the show look better planned and a bit more complex in a good way.

Episode 6 reviews include the film John Wick and the musical artist Banks.

ScreenPlay episode 7

In this episode, some problems cropped up, but they weren’t the communication type. It was just a bit of confusion. One of our reviewers who had consistently provided reviews revealed early on that he didn’t have anything to review. The editor and I discussed possibilities of how to move forward (since we had discovered that the host giving a review was something to avoid and I didn’t want to ask him to write another review since he is a volunteer). We decided to use the editor’s experience for a review, and I think it turned out pretty well. The show seemed much more alive than it normally did. I feel like this episode is one of the best, if not the best, that we did.

Episode 7 reviews include a live performance of Rocky Horror and the album Evergreen by Broods.

ScreenPlay episode 8

This is it: The season finale. Of course, we had a slight problem show up. It wasn’t too bad of a problem, but it wasn’t preferable and it was last minute. A couple of hours before the shoot, it was revealed that our host would be unable to make it due to schedule conflict at his work. I had to step in as host, and of course I was nervous. It was a good thing I had dressed nicely when I left that day. Graphics had to be changed at the last minute, and in the ruckus I forgot to make a graphic for our special guest.

I had a worse time hosting this go around than I did previously. I don’t know what was different, but I couldn’t read the teleprompter at all. The glare from the lights was so much that I couldn’t focus on the words. I ended up running through the show based solely on what I remembered writing, and it didn’t go so well. I fumble over words constantly, and it’s quite embarrassing to say the least.

In the middle of the episode there is a 2minute 45second season highlights package that I put together as prep during the week. This was used to transition between the viewers and the special guest in the show and to give everyone the chance to switch microphones and get settled.

Episode 8 reviews include Years & Years and One Direction.


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