Lights: Pre-Production Summary

From September to December, I was busy working on the pre-production planning of my short film Lights. I’ve been wanting to make a video detailing my progress, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m still not sure whether I will push this video to a later date or if it will happen at all.

The bulk of my pre-production planning was spent writing the script, which is completely understandable. I wrote a first draft in order to make a deadline, and then I re-wrote the second act and tweaked the ending to correct the pacing, character development, and overall feel of the film.

Overall, the script prints out at 21 pages. There are 21 scenes which alternate between “found footage,” reflection entries, and classic film style scenes.

The film relies on two characters, the main character being Milo and the secondary character being his friend Beth. Both characters are in their early to mid-20s, presumably film students, which leads to the more meta style of the film.

Around the time of Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to cast the actors who will be portraying Milo and Beth. This was accomplished much earlier than expected. I was originally planning on taking care of casting over the winter holidays. Having this done earlier was a huge relief.

Finishing the storyboard for Lights was a pretty hefty job, but I completed it in about a week during December. There are about 21 pages of storyboard as well, which is just a wonderful coincidence (21s all around!). I still need to send the pdf version of the storyboard to my composer so he can have a visual idea of what he’s looking forward to.

All of this information was sent to my faculty advisors in the beginning of December, since this is a student film project after all. The next task on my list will be to put together a shoot schedule so I can book my actors and locations on specific dates.


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