Why the New Blog?

For those of you who keep up with my blog, you may have noticed that I’m posting off of a completely different site. This is an entry that will attempt to explain why.

Earlier this week, I tried to log into my previous blog in order to post something, and I found that the page didn’t exist. I got a blank page, or at one point I got an error 404 page. None of my posts were visible. I was unable to log in to any of my account information. It was really disconcerting, and I’m sure many of you know just how upset I was.

For the entirety of the year 2014, and some of 2013, I had been blogging through the url haleynoelle.com/blog. It had a nice and concise url that seemed perfectly attached to my main website, www.haleynoelle.com. It was powered by wordpress, but was going through my web hosting service. There were over 100 posts made to this blog, including reviews from my 31 Days of Reviews work which had been read by and connected to the directors/producers/writers/actors of some of the films. I was desperate to retrieve any information.

After a couple of days of working with my web hosting service, it was found that my site had disappeared due to a problem with the jetpack plug-in. It was remotely disabled, and soon after I was able to log in to my information once again.

During the time that the site was down, I had pondered over the idea of doing something different. I had been blogging through that url for over a year, but rarely, if ever, received any feedback (except for people I directly linked to the page). I never gained any followers. I never received any likes or comments, minus the spam. Throughout 2014, I only received 90 page views to my blog. There were oodles of times where I had really wondered what the point was of continuing. Anyone who blogs knows that each post is a pretty big commitment.

That’s why I decided to make this url that you’re reading this post off of now: haleynoelleblog.wordpress.com.

Yes, the url is a lot more clunky, but it has already proven to be a good decision, in just 3 days really. I imported all of the posts and data from my previous blog into this one, so all of my old material is still present here. I left the old url active so that anyone who finds those links through various outlets of social media can still see the original posts as well.

In a short period of time, I’ve already gained followers (thank you everyone). I’ve received likes on my posts. Remember how many views my old blog got in a year? 90? This blog has received half of that in 3 days. That’s already progress.

I’m hoping that in this new year, with this new blog, I’ll have more of a community, more of a network, and far more motivation to continue to blog every (or nearly every) day.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me, and thank you to everyone who is just now joining the ride.


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