Lights: Scheduling

Today I’ll be having my first check-in meeting with a faculty advisor about my progress on Lights.

During this meeting, I’ll mainly be discussing how I’ve been contacting my cast and crew to get their availabilities, putting together a schedule for what days we’ll be shooting and what scenes will be shot when. I’ll also be letting him know what date it is that I plan to start shooting. Hopefully this meeting will suffice enough so that I won’t have to have another one for a while, but we’ll see what he says.

In terms of actual scheduling, it looks like we’re mainly going to be a weekend production. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, but the time available is limited. One of my actors works a lot of jobs, and my main crew member works Monday through Friday until 8:30 at night. That’s not even including my own availability. I’ve had to go in and switch my availability around at my retail job in order to ask for some specific Saturdays free.

Either way, I’m hoping to start filming on Saturday, January 17th. As I’m writing this, I have yet to pick which specific scenes will be shot when, but I do know that I’m hoping to film scene 1 on the first day. I want to get a teaser trailer out as soon as possible, so I would probably like to film a bit that would work for that as well.

I’ll be having another check-in with my second faculty advisor next Thursday, so I’ll most definitely have a more concrete notion of the order of the scenes I’ll be filming at that time.


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