Cultural Production Manager

The new season of productions for AU Spartan Media will be starting soon. We met, as an organization, yesterday to start talking about how things were going to be different and about the rearrangement of our positions.

Last season, I wrote about receiving the job of cultural programming producer and my duties that went along with that. With this reorganization, I’m mainly staying in the same role, but these roles are getting changed around a bit. As of last season, it was a dance for responsibility between the cultural editor and myself in terms of who was leading the production of ScreenPlay (the weekly pop culture program).

With this new position, there is no dance. I am in charge of ScreenPlay and what is going to be on the show. I’ll be putting the scripts together each week, changing the format for the new season, and I’ll have more crew on the culture production team to help me get this job done. We’ll have our own graphics coordinator and a liaison to the social media team so that will help with communicating across management teams. This will really help to utilize the hashtag that we tried starting in season 1.

As a secondary role, I’ll also be working with the editorial and production team to create pre-produced packages to be used in the studio shows. I’m a little worried about this since I have so much else going on during the semester. I have let the team know about my work load, so that should give me enough time to schedule in what I can and cannot help with.

I’ll be revising the format of ScreenPlay in order to make it more energetic and interactive. There will be future posts about this in the future. Hoping it goes well!


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