Lights: Finished Schedule

Over this weekend, I was able to nail down a finished schedule for the production of Lights. This did include a few revisions.

In my original schedule, I started production on January 17th and ended on February 7th. I wasn’t entirely happy with this since my original goal was to be finished with production by the end of January, but when I was looking at the number of shoots on paper, I felt like that last day may be necessary.

When I sent this schedule out to my cast, it came back that February 7th would be a bad day for my main cast member, the only cast member I would need for that day. This gave me a choice to make: Do I move those days to a shoot on February 16th or do I eliminate the February 7th shoot and put those scenes on days in January?

Rather than push production back to mid-February, ultimately losing time to complete the box-car edit, I decided to stick with my original goal which was to have production finished in January. Now this does leave me with some pretty crammed days of production. I’ll have to make sure that we plan our time accordingly so we don’t waste that time.

I’m rather proud of the schedule I put together though. It’s in the format of a checklist, so I’ll be able to really keep track of what we’ve completed by physically checking it off. It’s organized by date and the time of day that the scene is shot in. I also have it color coded so the cast members and myself can keep track of the timeline of the film, knowing when a scene is actually happening in the broad scheme of things (and also what costume they should be wearing for continuity’s sake).

My next goals will be to book our main location (I’m planning on filming 2 scenes on a college campus) and to acquire some extras for that location.


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