Lights: First Shoot

As I mentioned in a previous post, filming for Lights started on Saturday, January 17th. While there were some difficult decisions that had to be made, filming did begin, and that is what this post will be about.

Since my secondary actress was gracious enough to step into the lead role of the film, we were still able to get some scenes done that I had planned. We weren’t able to do all of them, however, because she hadn’t come to the shoot prepared to be the lead character. She didn’t have any costumes with her, and she wasn’t familiar with any of the lines. For this reason, we had to cut most of what I had planned to film that evening.

We mainly focused on some found footage driving shots because the found footage would be needed for the editing scenes to be filmed later. We also finished scene 1 in its entirety since it’s a stand alone scene that isn’t in the same day as any other scene in the film.

The following four photos are from the set while shooting scene 1.

I have edited scene 1 already, and it sits at about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Since it wasn’t an intensive action scene and there was no dialogue exchange, I think it’s safe to say that the entire film will sit somewhere between 20-30 minutes. I still hesitate to give an exact time.

My effects editor has already worked with scene 1, and he has inserted the effects that need to be done. He’s very proud of it, and I’m extremely happy with it as well. Seeing the effects on screen (although they’re still a surprise for all of you) really raised my confidence in the overall quality that Lights will have.

I have a faculty advisor meeting still scheduled for Thursday where I will update him on my progress, as well as my setbacks. There is a make-up shoot scheduled for Thursday evening to finish what we couldn’t film over the weekend and get us back on schedule.


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