Lights: Second Shoot

Last night, I held a make up shoot for the scenes that I was unable to capture during the first scheduled shoot day. It was a relatively small work load, but that doesn’t mean that it was a short time spent filming.

The three scenes that needed to be finished were all in doors, within the same room. Lighting proved to be the most time consuming element. This was partially due to the art of lighting itself. It’s not something that can happen and look nice with the snap of a finger. It was also partially due to there being little to no help present for the shoot.

It really was incredibly small. My lead actress, main camera and myself were the only people present. This worked well for the tight quarters we were in, but it was pretty stressful on my camera operator who found himself running camera and setting up the lights while I directed the actress and gave him direction to follow the storyboard. Tensions ran pretty high at a few points and luckily no one got into any serious arguments.

While the shoot did run a little later than I was expecting it to, I’m happy to say that we finished everything I set out to accomplish. Lights is officially back on schedule.


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