Lights: Fourth and Fifth Shoots

Since so much time has passed, and I’m sure to not remember all of the details I would have wanted to write, I’m combining the fourth and fifth shoots for Lights into a single post. It’s also important for me to do this before I start the sixth shoot tonight so I don’t start blending details together.

The fourth shoot for Lights was on a Friday night (January 30th). It was a make up shoot to finish off some of the scenes that were unable to be finished the week before. Overall, I think it was a success. We finished three scenes in about 5 hours. The fifth shoot was to start the next morning and extend all day.

I had intended on having all cast and crew stay the night at our location to cut back on gas and allow more time for sleeping, but unfortunately my lead actress still had to leave early in the morning for a last minute work emergency. She had more time to sleep before heading out which was a good thing, but she still had to make the same trip back home as she would have regardless.

The fifth shoot for Lights began at 11:00am on January 31st. We had a decently hefty day of shooting ahead of us, including a few scenes where I had to direct and act at the same time. After seeing some problems in the edits from the last time I acted and directed at the same time, I was careful to make sure that I had what I wanted before the scene was done. I’m sure I’ll find more things I’m not entirely happy with, but I feel like I did a better job this time.

These shoots were very eventful. We officially finished all scenes that took place during the day. We finished all scenes that took place inside. We finished all scenes in which my lead actress had speaking lines. It was definitely an accomplishment.

If I had written this post earlier, I’m sure there would have been more details to share. Now my mind is concerned with the sixth shoot which should be the final large-scale shoot for Lights. I hope it goes well.


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