Lights: Sixth Shoot

Saturday, February 7th 2015 was the sixth shoot of the short film, Lights. I’m happy to say that we finished everything that was scheduled. Although, it did take much longer than I had anticipated that it would.

We had three scenes on the schedule, and we met at 7:00pm. All the scenes were at night, and they were all outside. I was maybe expecting us to be done by 2:00am, but it took significantly longer than I had expected. We didn’t finish shooting until around 4:30am. I am incredibly thankful for my cast and crew for sticking with me through this.

The problem, while not necessarily a problem, was that the scenes were very heavy with special effects in post, so we had to make sure that the shots were going to work in post. This took considerably longer in order to plan out the shots accordingly. That’s where all the time went.

Either way, the scenes did get finished. I’m really happy with how they turned out, at least from what I saw through the camera. Whether the edits work out the way I wanted will be a whole different journey.

It was definitely a bittersweet thing. This shoot was the end of the bulk of the film. It was the last shoot where our main actress was needed. She’s been wonderful.

Images curtesy of our lead actress’s twitter.

Of course, I’m not entirely done with production. I still have pick ups of my role to complete for the final scene, as well as some transitional stuff and some cutaways. I won’t really know the extent of those until I make my way into the edit.

As far as schedule goes, my initial goal was to be done with production by February 16th. I have met that goal, and it looks like I’ll be a bit ahead of it. My next goal will be to finish the basic edit by March 2nd.

Things are coming together for Lights, and just in time for everything else to start.


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