ScreenPlay: Communication Problems

Last week, production for ScreenPlay season 2 began. I was hoping that this season would flow cohesively since we have more people on the team to get things done, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s quite unfortunate, but I am still determined to improve the quality of the show.

During the planning for the first episode, there was a pretty massive miscommunication between myself and the graphics liaison for the team. I had requested graphics for a new segment we were starting in the show, but since we were having this disconnect due to lack of attendance at meetings and lack of response to emails, the liaison went forward with the wrong project. Rather than create new graphics for the segment, she had been attempting to redesign our opening graphic. It was a waste of her time really, and I was never able to save her that time because her progress was never communicated with me.

On the day of the shoot, we still hadn’t heard anything from her, so my director created the graphics for the segment himself. My director constantly proves himself to be a valuable asset to my team, reliable in every way. He goes far beyond what his job description states, and he always does what is necessary within his means. He made a wonderful graphic, and the show went on as scheduled.

Our next taping will be next week, and it looks like we’ll be having similar issues. These issues will not be with the same person.  Our graphics liaison has shown a complete turnaround in motivation after the events of last week. I’m hoping she’ll have the correct graphics on time this week. These problems, however, are coming from the rest of our associates. I requested their input in planning, but they have yet to respond. I am currently unaware what reviews will be on the show, which makes me unable to give my graphics liaison her project for the episode. I am also unable to confirm my guest for the show because I don’t know what content I already have.

It’s really all very frustrating. I’ll be having a meeting tomorrow with whoever chooses to be in attendance (that’s an issue in itself). Hopefully, I’m able to get plans set in stone before Friday.


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