ScreenPlay: Season 2 Episode 1

In this post, I’ll combine news about the new format of ScreenPlay with the posting of episode 1. Two birds. One stone. All that jazz.

For season 2 of ScreenPlay, we’ve broadened our horizons a little bit, aiming to appeal to more viewers with a quality over quantity approach. We are still doing reviews. That hasn’t changed. Pretty much everything else has changed though. On top of our usual in studio reviewers, we have introduced the idea of a video submission review. We call this new thing the ScreenPlay ‘Push Play’ review (I think the graphic for it is quite clever). We have also added the ScreenPlay feature, a pre-produced package which plays during the middle of our show and adds a lot of production value to the show as a whole.

The last thing we changed was our Last Thoughts segment. In season 1, we would pick one topic ahead of time, and everyone would talk about it for 4-6 minutes. We found that this definitely dragged the show to a boring pace, so we wanted to spice it up a bit for season 2. We changed the name of the segment to Screen Time, and we changed the format to cover more topics in a more engaging manner. The idea is that we’ll have a bowl full of submitted pop culture topics, and our host will pull one out to talk about it. In order to keep it more engaging, the host and guests will only speak on that topic for 60 seconds. They’re being timed, and when the time is up, they pull a completely new topic.

When put into practice, the new format seems really promising. Despite some communication problems that we were having, the show went pretty well. It was a really fun and energetic shoot, and I feel like that translated well to our audience. I know our guests preferred the new format for Screen Time, and while I haven’t gotten much audience feedback yet, the one comment I have seen was “this was fun!” I think that’s pretty great.


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