When this semester of school started, I got the new syllabus for my senior seminar, and I was surprised to see an ePortfolio on it. My first thought was something along the lines of “Oh, an ePortfolio? Like an electronic portfolio? I already have one of those. I guess I’ll just have to update it!”

I had no idea how wrong I was. Apparently for my teacher, and for my university, an ePortfolio stands for an education portfolio. This assignment required me to dig into all of my college papers, speeches, etc. I say etc because I was really struggling to think of what to include in this ePortfolio. It wasn’t simply that I had to dig through all of my past academic work and find some of my best to showcase. I had to pick work that fit a certain criteria, a checklist of sorts that had to do with the college’s mission statement or something.

This was proving to be incredibly difficult for me. There were several different subsections that I had to find work to illustrate that I had competency in those areas. One of these was oral communication. I had to find five pieces of academic work that I had saved that would fit the criteria for oral communication. Fitting the criteria for this was nearly impossible. There was another section, which I think was titled interpersonal communication, and I was having a hard time with that too. I’m not specializing in PR and advertising. I never have been. I don’t have any work to fit that criteria. I thought I was going to have to make some up.

In addition to finding all of this work, I would have to create a platform for people to look at it. This would require me to design another website or create another wordpress. I was not a fan. I think I had decided to use wix for the assignment and then delete the site afterward.

Fortunately for me, and the reason this post has been in the past tense, the assignment was recently cut from the syllabus. The professor realized, finally, that he was assigning too much work for us. Keep in mind, this is also the class for which my short film Lights has been assigned.

Needless to say, I’m extremely glad this assignment is off of my to-do list. If it had been a professional portfolio, I don’t think I would have had the same reaction. We should have at least been able to create either an education portfolio or a professional portfolio based on what we wanted to do post-graduation. I can fully see the merit of an education portfolio for someone who is intending on going to grad school, but for me who wants to try to find a job? Not so much.

I don’t feel like a potential employer is really going to care about my 15 page in-depth analysis of the music video for Infinite’s “Before the Dawn.” Nor is a potential employer going to care about any of my other academic papers concerning women in politics, american reception of “Gangnam Style,” or the history of film noir. That’s just my opinion on the matter at least.

Nonetheless, this assignment is no longer on my hefty list of things to do. This is a massive relief because that was going to be a massive amount of time and effort.


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