“I’ve Got an Idea…”

“I’ve got an idea I wanna run by you!”

This is a phrase that I absolutely love hearing from people for a couple of reasons.

  1. You’re being creative! That’s great! I love seeing that the people I hang out with are creative people, and they’re coming up with ideas, and they’re motivated to put those ideas into action.
  2. You consider me worthy! The fact that you’re telling me about your creative ideas makes me feel absolutely wonderful because it shows me that you think highly enough about me to include me in those ideas. You could be asking me to help out or you could be asking me for my input. Either way, you respect my own work enough to include me in yours.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear this from people several times, and I always love it. I get so excited for you, and I just want to help you make your idea come to life. It’s great, a big group think tank session!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a friend tell me through text, “I’ve got an idea I wanna run by you!” I had to resist the urge to have her tell me immediately, and instead, I waited for the next time we would be meeting up together.

Her idea was a music video of sorts that would be used to promote adoptions at a nearby animal shelter. She wanted to know how difficult it would be to do, and I told her it wouldn’t be too difficult at all. It would just come down to permissions for the song and permissions from the animal shelter.

While the idea might not take off right away, it felt really good to be included in someone else’s idea. A lot of times, ever since I was a kid really, I was the one who was always coming up with the ideas for short films or skits, and I was always the one soliciting help from others. It almost never worked out in my favor. It’s really nice to have a network of people who come up with ideas as well and to be able to count on them for help in said ideas when need be.

Overall, I have an amazing group of colleagues, and I’m extremely grateful.


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