ScreenPlay: Season 2 Episode 2

The second episode of ScreenPlay was better prepared for, but this didn’t stop its assorted problems. When is anything ever perfect, really?

All of the prep work was completed at a decent amount of time ahead, which was absolutely wonderful from a producing standpoint. Our graphics coordinator did her part of the slideshow on time. We had a guest who was from outside of the class, so that brought a nice amount of campus involvement to the episode, but stuff definitely didn’t go perfectly.

For example, me. I started off the problems we faced during the production itself. These problems weren’t extremely detrimental, but they were problems nonetheless. It seemed like we were all off of our game. I had completed all of my prep work in the previous week, and then forgotten to send the scripts to myself so I could pull them up in the studio. When I did send them to myself in a rush, I sent myself the script for episode 2 in the previous season. This issue was sorted out, but it definitely was a funny precursor to some of the other problems we were having.

It was hard for us to get past the intro graphic appropriately for a couple of tries. Our host was having a giggle fit and wasn’t reading his lines correctly. Our powerpoint, although finished on time, was sub-par. Our guest was incredibly nervous so she wasn’t as talkative as we would have hoped. To top it off, the episode was mysteriously deleted from Youtube after it had been uploaded.

We’re happy to say that everything is finished now (and this link works).

We’ve now started prep work for episode 3. This episode won’t be filmed until March 11th which will be coming up on us faster than any of us are expecting.

In the mean time, the team participated in a belated mardi gras party on campus where we were able to speak with some students about submitting written reviews to the online newspaper. We also had some campus involvement submitting topics for our upcoming Screen Time segment.


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