Lights: Basic Edit

After a full week of editing, and I’m not exaggerating (I’ve been holed up in the dark my entire spring break trying to remain on schedule for my production of Lights), the basic edit is finally complete.

This week has been pretty stressful. My original goal for the basic edit was to be finished with it by March 2nd. That didn’t work out for me because of all of my other classes. In response, I adjusted my goal to be March 7th, giving myself the entire week of my break to devote to editing. I officially finished it in the early hours of March 6th.

Despite the problems that I was having with the edit, it was nice to see it all come together. I’d been watching each scene individually for a while now, but when I finally started putting everything sequentially on the timeline, I started to feel really good about it. Everything seemed to fall into place pretty well. The pacing is just as I wanted it to be. It’s nice.

Right now the running time is sitting at about 31 minutes. This is definitely my biggest and most ambitious project yet. That running time is about on par with what I was aiming for when I began pre-production in the fall, which is good in terms of “project management” for my senior seminar requirements.

The basic edit is now sitting with my special effects supervisor. He’ll be wearing multiple hats for the post production of this project. His tasks will include adding the special effects as well as color correction and sound editing. Once the special effects have been added, then the edit will also be sent to the composer who will be creating an original score for the film. The composer and special effects supervisor will also be working together to do the foley work.

As for me, my tasks are pretty much just managing their work and making sure that I have the film completed by the date I need it. There are some other additional things I’ll need to do, such as creating a project portfolio for Lights with all of the details of my work included. I’ll also need to prepare an oral presentation to present about my project in April. That should be fun. End sarcasm.

I’ll continue posting updates on this short film as it nears completion, and I’ll be posting promotional materials as well. Looking forward to presenting the final project!


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