ScreenPlay: Season 2 Episode 3

The third episode of ScreenPlay was surrounded by a very interesting situation. On paper, it looked like we had tons of time to prepare. In reality? We didn’t have that much time.

Episode 3 was taped right after spring break, so while we thought we had 3 weeks to prepare, we really only had one. This was definitely made worse by the communication problems that still plague our team. Nonetheless, we had everything planned out. We decided to go forth with three total videos, have our music editor give an in-studio review and add our promotions liaison to the Screen Time segment. It was all good.

On the day of, we had a setback. Our music editor had a family emergency and was unable to make it to the shoot. I don’t fault her for this at all. There’s no way she could have expected it to happen. Life happens. It was interesting to try to change the show on the day of though.

There were several things that had to be changed. First off, I had to step in and give an in-studio review on something. I happened to review Boyhood because I had just watched it a day or two beforehand. The script and teleprompter had to be updated. The powerpoint had to be changed. I had to redo the graphic for the credits to reflect the changes. If I were alone, it would have been very overwhelming to do all of this an hour before we started taping.

Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I had two colleagues who were with me and were able to do chunks of the work, taking a massive weight off of my shoulders. We were able to make all of the changes in about 20 minutes. It was definitely a lesson for me about being able to let go and give others responsibility.

As for the taping itself, it went pretty smoothly overall. There was an issue where we went 20 seconds over our 15 minutes, so we attempted to redo the Screen Time segment, but we miscounted how much time we would need. When I took it home to edit the original with the redo, I found that the redo put us over by a full minute. Instead of using the redo, I found a way to eliminate 20 seconds of time in the original taping (which I preferred. There were much more genuine reactions in that one).

This episode talks about House of Cards, Boyhood, Pay Day 2, an upcoming film festival at our university. Our Screen Time topics included the Kardashians new season, #TheDress, Doctor Who, the Oscars, and 50 Shades of Grey.

I know it took me quite some time after airing to make this post. We’re well underway into preparations for episode 4 which will be taping on the 25th.


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